Nobody likes policies, nobody reads them. But we gotta put something out there so we’re all on the same page.


Generally speaking, we have a 48 piece minimum. We’re always willing to work it out with you, just be upfront and honest. The last thing we want is to give a bid on 100 pieces and then ask for the same prices for 12 pieces, you know? Just try to work with us there and we’ll work with you.


If you order over 72 pieces, I’m happy to design a shirt for you for free. However, the artwork is property of Forte Clothing Company and not allowed to be used for any other distribution without our consent or a payment for our intillectual property. We’re pretty good at designing and we’re proud of it. We’re happy to design and save the world from Clip Art, just please respect our IP. If you can’t hit 72 pieces, we’ll work out a case-by-case price structure for custom design. Probably anywhere between $50 and $75 for a basic shirt design. Just, you know, don’t take our shirt design and make it your logo... we know you’ll need more files than a flat jpeg, so let us do our jobs right.


In the event we find out you used our design for your own personal gain or to be printed by another company. We’ll hit you with a “not cool, man” email and ask you to pay for the artwork. If you continue using our intillectual property we’ll hit up some of legal friends for an official “not cool, man” cease and desist letter. And then we’ll go from there. Just, you know, don’t steal our art.


Basically, don’t cancel. We have a ***very tight*** production schedule and we committed to you that we’ll get the job done on time and once the first print goes down, that’s that, there’s no turning back. If we haven’t printed yet and you’d like to cancel, you may be subject to a 15% + shipping restocking fee from our vendors. It costs money to run a business and those real costs gotta go somewhere. We’re not here to get rich, but we still gotta take care of our company.


Our goal is 100% success. However, things happen. We have a 2% damage allowance for misprints on all jobs over 200 pieces. Customers have 48 hours to inspect and report any issues with their order. We aren’t responsible for garment defects that come from the vendor. We do our best to inspect beforehand, but there’s no way we can indvididually inspect 500 pieces and know that there’s no snags or stictching errors. We generally order more than ordered to account for it, it’s best you do the same. We adhere to the industry standard 1/4” tolerance in either direction for prints. These aren’t misprints, this is just screen printing. That said, we do our best and take an insane amount of pride in the work we do. If there’s a problem, a real problem, we’ll find a way to make it right.


We aren’t UPS or USPS (Thank GOD!). The only thing we can do when it comes to shipping is convey what they tell us. If they have delays and the package arrives past your deadline, we are not responsible. We did our part as best as possible. We put our heart in all we do, if UPS doesn’t, how can we hold ourselves accountable to that?


If we ever charge a screen fee (chances are we won’t... usually that happens with insane variables), those screens don’t belong to you. All screens are Forte’s property. We reclaim the screens within 24 hours of a completed job. That means if you placed a 200 shirt order @ $8/shirt and 3 days later you need 10 more, chances are you won’t be paying $8/shirt for those 10 or we’ll have to charge a screen fee. On the extremely rare occassion that we hang onto screens and the screen is available, no problem, $8/shirt! We’re easy, but we’re also fast workers and there’s real costs to burning screens. So if you know you’ll have a reorder soon, let us know right away.


Just because we get a custom Pantone color does not mean that it’ll be 100% accurate. There’s lots of factors including the type of garment we print on that may change the pigment a little. Have some grace in that and we’ll do our best to get the colors as close as possible.


We’re pretty easy here. On all orders over $2000 require 1/2 down unless terms are agreed upon. We take cash, check, credit, Paypal, Square, oh, and cash. The last half is due upon pickup unless other terms are agreed upon.


We’re lucky enough to have world class designers in the shop and can basically take any quality of design and make it screen printable. But if you want to be a peach, getting us vector art with fonts converted to outlines (and for goodness sakes, convert your strokes to outline, too!) would be rad. We also take layered photoshop files as well. Getting me artwork printed AT SIZE at at least 300 dpi would be a dream come true as well. We understand not everyone knows how to format their art the way we need it, just try to give us the most native file you have. Now that you Millennials are using Canva for your designs, you have to make sure that the resolution is PRINT SIZE. Y’all keep sending us flattened low res jpegs and there’s not much I can do with that other than take it to Griff and punch an empty box. Help a brother out.


Yes, we can print a Nike design if we wanted to. No, we won’t do it. We've got a lot of Google Images Designers out there but it’s so important to know that we’re going to do all we can to honor Intillectual Property as best as possible. If we know a design has been lifted from somewhere else, chances are we won’t print it. Sorry. Along those lines, we don’t print vulgar or nude things either (F’n A!). While we’re at it, we don’t like printing negative or repressive stuff. You might think it’s funny, but there’s a bigger picture here.


Just. No.