Custom Printing

Churches, youth groups, businesses, events, you know, all those things that you say to yourself, “Yo! We should get some tees made for this!” We do all that.

Let us know how many shirts you want, what kind of shirts you want, whether or not you have a design, how many colors are being printed, and we can get you a solid price!


Custom Printing

You a Creative? Got clients you design stuff for but don’t own a screen printing press? Happens all the time! You’re the middleman. You get the scope from your clients in hopes of special contract pricing for us to print. We’ll do what we can to get you the best pricing possible as long as you do the best you can to keep the orders coming through and the quanties above 48 pieces.



Plastisol is the most commonly used ink in the screen printing world. It’s thick and vibrant, it sits on top of the garment so the colors stand out.

water base

Water base is a water soluble ink that absorbs into the garment for a soft touch. This is a premium process that costs a tad more.


Discharge is insane. We love it. It’s a water based product with an added chemical that removed the dye from the garment. 100% cotton only.

soft hand plastisol

Plastisol ink mixed with reducer to soften the feel. The print may not be as vibrant or opaque, but it’s more comfortable.

cmyk print

Just like a paper printer, this process uses Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black plates to mix colors for a photographic finish. It’s not color perfect, but it’s a great way of making some unique prints.

Metallic print

Metallic ink has special reflective particles in the ink to give your print a special glitter or sheen effect to it. A decent alternative to foil.



Equipped with a hat press, we’re able to do a few things to fulfill your headwear needs. We can do plastisol transfers with a traditional screen printed design, we do vinyl heat transfers with 1 color vinyl, and we also do specialty patches on hats. Depending on your needs and minimums, we can make the job work for you.

pantone color matching

There’s thousands of different color options out there and if you’re one of those hoity toity companies that insists on having your specific pantone colors in your print, no problem! We can get custom Pantone colors for an additional $15/color. Nothing is impossible.

tag printing

Ready to step your clothing line game up? Custom tags are where it’s at. It takes a soft hand and attention to detail, which is something we do well! For an extra fee, we can print custom tags for your clothing line, just be sure to get apparel with tearaway tags and we got you!

graphic design

Graphic design is how we got started in this game. We’ve done jobs for UCLA Basketball, Nike, Adidas, IJM, and some pretty other big names that would kill us if they knew we name dropped. We live in the Adobe Universe and we’re proficient in Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. There’s not much we can’t do in those 3 amazing programs.


We get it. It’s 2016 and anyone with Google and YouTube can probably figure out how to do a website. But it takes real artists and real Developers to do a website right. In fact, we don’t “do websites” we create User Experience. We decide how Users view websites (even this one). No themes or templates here... just pure, unadulterated creativity.

great design. great product. great printing. let’s go!