Honesty Time: I have NO IDEA how much it’s going to cost to print your job! None. I mean, I can get close, but how the heck would a single website know (without ripping you off) whether or not you want 100% cotton, women’s cut, v-neck, poly tees, long sleeves, or hoodies? How do you distill all these variables into one solid cost? You really don’t. Other printers have these tables on their websites with these one-size-fits-all pricing scale. I think that’s so silly. One of us is going to get ripped off if we honor the scale. Because if you need cheaper options, we can find it for you. And if you need better shirts, we can do that too!

So here’s a few things I can tell you:

We’re pretty affordable. We don’t charge screen fees. What the hell are setup fees? Who charges for films? And why? lol.

Now that you know that, here’s some help with making sure you get the most accurate price. Know these things before getting in touch and I should be able to get you where you want to go:

About how many shirts are you going to want? Seriously, we base our prices per piece based on the total number. Know this. Even if you have a ballpark, that’ll put us on the right track.

Do you have a design? If not, will you need a design from us? I have to account that screen time into our bid. We got an INSANE electric bill. If the lights are on, we have to budget for it. ;)

When do you need this by? Generally our timelines are about 2 weeks out on orders. So if you’re wanting this by next Friday, we may have to move some things around to accomodate. The sooner you tell me, the better.

What kind of shirts are you hoping to get? There’s literally thousands of different options out there. 100% cotton? Fashion fit? Economy priced? Dark colors or light?

How many colors is the print going to be? Both sides? Is there a sleeve print? This is what we call “scope” in the biz. Gotta know it to be accurate. You tell me it’s one sided then ask for a sleeve print, that changes things.

What’s your budget? Seriously, this isn’t used car shopping. You don’t need to “not show your hand” to get the best deal. If you’re hoping to pay $8/shirt for a job, just say so. If we can accomodate that, we will. Better to know now than me take all that time to give you a bid when you already had a price in mind.